Job responsibilities:

The SGM6021 family provides a highly integrated ultra-low power step-down converter solution that is well suited for meeting the special needs of ultra-low power applications such as energy harvesting. The SGM6021 family provides the system with an externally programmable regulated supply to preserve the overall efficiency of the power-management stage compared to a linear step-down converter. The regulators are intended to step-down the voltage from an energy storage element such as a battery or super capacitor to supply the rail to low-voltage electronics. The regulated output has been optimized to provide high efficiency across low output currents (<10μA) to high currents (200mA).

The SGM6021 family integrates an optimized hysteretic controller for low-power applications. The internal circuitry uses a time-based sampling system to reduce the average quiescent current.

The output regulator levels are programmed through VS pin.

All the capabilities of SGM6021 are packed into a small UTDFN-1.5×2-6L package. It operates over an ambient temperature range of -40 to +85℃.