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SGM8711 Micro-Power Comparator with Integrated Voltage Reference

The SGM8711 is a low power comparator introduced by SGMICRO recently with a typical power supply current of 2.2μA. It features an uncommitted on-chip voltage reference, comparator input common mode range of 200mV beyond the supply rails, and single-supply operation from 1.8V to 5.5V. The integrated 1.2V series voltage reference offers low 42μV/℃ drift, is stable with up to 10nF capacitive load, and can source up to 2mA (TYP) of output current.

The SGM8711 is ideal for use in a variety of battery-powered applications. With rail-to-rail input common mode voltage range, the SGM8711 is well suited for single-supply operation. Its small package makes this device ideal for use in handheld electronics and mobile phone applications.

SGM8711 is available in a tiny UTDFN-1.6x1.6-6L package and operates over an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Ordering Information:

For samples, please contact SGMICRO’s local offices or distributors, or log into and leave a message.

SGM8711 is in mass production and the typical lead time is 6-8 weeks.



IQ (μA)

Offset (mV)

Push-Pull Output



1.8 ~ 5.5





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