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SGMICRO’s high performance comparators provide customers low power and high speed options suitable for portable & industrial applications.

The Ultra Low Power Comparator family provides a typical power supply current as low as 350nA. They have the best-in-class power supply current versus propagation delay performance. The propagation delay is as low as 6μs with 100mV overdrive at 1.4V supply. The Ultra Low Power Comparator family also provides flexible choices featuring push-pull output stage, PFET/NFET open-drain output stage, latch enable, reference output and ultra small DFN packages.

The High Speed Comparator family provides the smallest propagation delay as short as 6ns, while input common mode range of the devices extends beyond both power supply rails. The output pulls to within 0.1V of either supply rail without external pull-up circuitry, making the devices ideal for interface with both CMOS and TTL logics. All input and output pins can tolerate a continuous short-circuit fault condition to either rail. Internal hysteres is ensures clean output switching, even with slow-moving input signals.

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