Positive High-Voltage Hot Swap and Inrush Current Controller with Power-Limiting
Positive High-Voltage Hot Swap and Inrush Current Controller with Power-Limiting

The SGM25701A is a positive hot swap controller that allows a board to be safely inserted or removed from a live backplane. Inrush current control function can effectively reduce the voltage drop on the power supply rail.

The SGM25701A offers programmable power-limiting and current limit to ensure that the external MOSFET operates within its safe operating area (SOA) at all times.

The chip has a good output indication function when the output voltage increases to within the 1.4V range of the input voltage.

Programmable under-voltage lockout or over-voltage lockout is used to turn off the device if the VIN drops below or raises over a threshold value. The initial insertion delay time and fault detection time can also be adjusted by the user.

When a fault is detected, the device will go into auto-retry mode.

SGM25701A is available in a Green MSOP-10 package.



  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 9V to 70V

  • Inrush Current Limit, PCB can be Safely Inserted into Live Equipment

  • External Device Programming Maximum Loss Limit

  • Programmable Current Limit

  • Adjustable Under-Voltage Lockout (EN/UVLO)

  • Adjustable Over-Voltage Lockout (OVLO)

  • Open-Drain for Good Output Indication

  • Quick Cut-Off Function when Severe Over-Current Occurs

  • Configure Charge Pump and Gate Driver for External N-MOSFET

  • The Setting of the Insertion Time Allowing the Ringing and Transient Recovery Process after the System Connected

  • Adjustable Fault Timing to Prevent False Shutdown

  • Retry Behavior after Fault: Auto-Retry

  • Available in a Green MSOP-10 Package


24V/48V Industrial Systems

Server Backplane Systems

Solid State Circuit Breaker

Base Station Power Distribution Systems

Part Number Status Package Pins Pb-Free Temp Range
SGM25701AXMS10G/TR Production MSOP-10 10 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples