After a product releases to market, SGMICRO emphasizes continual improvement strategies, and as a result, we may need to modify, update or discontinue the product or manufacturing process.

SGMICRO complies with the requirements for timely notification in J-STD-046. Consistent with this industry standard, customers will be notified of major changes which affect the form, fit or function, or adversely affect quality or reliability of the product.

SGMICRO provides the following information at least 90 days in advance before implementing any notifiable change:

  • Reason for change

  • Detailed description

  • PCN tracking number

  • Product identification (affected products)

  • Anticipated (positive/negative) impact on fit, form, function, quality & reliability

  • Qualification plan and results (or qual schedule if results are not available)

  • Sample availability date

  • Projected production shipment date

  • SGMICRO contact information

SGMICRO reserves the right to make changes without prior notice if appearance, size, functionality, quality and reliability are not affected. Each PCN contains the customer's acknowledgement of receipt and other special notes. Customers are requested to return the receipt within 30 days, and the delay will be regarded as acceptance of PCN change processing.