SGMICRO provides its customers a wide selection of high performance OpAmps including ultra low power, high precision, high speed, low noise, high voltage families which have been widely used in consumer electronics, industrial, medical and automotive applications.

The Micro Power Operational Amplifier family is designed to support rail-to-rail input and output operation and has as low as 350nA quiescent current. These specifications make these operational amplifiers extremely appropriate for low frequency low power applications, such as battery current monitoring and sensor conditioning.

The High Precision Operational Amplifier family provides high precision, low noise, low drift, rail-to-rail input and output, and single/dual/quad channel operational amplifiers. The internal auto-zero circuit cancels the input offset voltage and drift over time and temperature, and eliminates the 1/f noise as well. The combination of these characteristics makes them good choices for temperature, position and pressure sensors, medical equipment, strain gauge amplifiers, or any other industrial applications requiring high precision, low noise and long term stability.

The Low Noise Operational Amplifier family provides low voltage operation and rail-to-rail input and output with an excellent speed/power consumption ratio. They are designed to provide optimal performance in low voltage and low noise systems, and provide rail-to-rail output swing into heavy loads. The combination of these characteristics makes them extremely suitable for sensor interfaces, high speed current sense and active filtering.

The Application-Specific Operational Amplifier family provides the improved VCOM Buffer IC featuring up to 1.5A transient output peak current with single/dual/quad amplifiers per package; industry standard crossover distortion-free operational amplifiers are extremely suitable for data acquisition systems requiring high linearity; dual channel OPAs with positive offset in tiny DFN package make them best choice for portable applications.