SGMICRO won "China TOP 10 IC Companies" award

On March 18, 2021, ASPENCORE, a leading global media group in the field of electronic technology, held the "China IC leader summit 2021 and China IC design achievement award ceremony" in Shanghai.


About China IC Design Award

"China IC Design Award" is one of the most popular technical awards in the electronics industry. It has become an annual gathering of semiconductor industry leaders. 64 awards from four categories were presented, representing the highest standards of the industry, through a fair and impartial vote of electronics engineers, senior analysts and semiconductor industry insiders.

In the future

In 2022, SGMICRO will continue to take the market as the guidance, driven by innovation, insist on independent research and development, introduce more with the international advanced level of high performance, high quality analog IC products, to strengthen and expand the traditional electronics market at the same time, the power of things, intelligent, and the rapid development of emerging applications such as 5G, simulation chip industry efforts to become the world first-class brand.