60V, 3A Buck Converter with 50μA IQ
60V, 3A Buck Converter with 50μA IQ

The SGM61630 is a current mode controlled Buck regulator with 4.3V to 60V input range and 3A continuous output current. The device suits various applications of industry, which demands power conditioning from unregulated sources. A 140mΩ RDSON MOSFET is integrated as high-side switch. The ultra-low 50μA (TYP) quiescent current and low shutdown current of only 2μA (TYP) make it a suitable choice for battery-powered applications. Switching frequency can be selected over a wide range (200kHz to 2500kHz) to allow desired tradeoff between efficiency and component sizes. There is also the internal loop compensation that simplifies compensation network design, and requires less external components, saving user design time and cost. With precision enable input, regulator control is simplified, as well as system power sequencing. Protection against over-voltage transient is provided to limit the startup or other transient overshoots. Secure operation in overload conditions is ensured by thermal shutdown protection and cycle-by-cycle current limit.

The SGM61630 is available in a Green SOIC-8 (Exposed Pad) package.



  • 4.3V to 60V Input Range

  • 3A Continuous Output Current

  • Ultra-Low 50μA Operating Quiescent Current

  • 140mΩ High-side MOSFET

  • Minimum Switching-On Time: 100ns

  • Current Mode Control

  • SGM61630A: Soft-Start Version

  • SGM61630B: Power-Good Version

  • Adjustable Switching Frequency from 200kHz to 2500kHz

  • Frequency Synchronization to External Clock

  • Easy-to-Use Internal Compensation

  • Support High Duty Cycle Operation

  • Precision Enable Input

  • 2μA Shutdown Current

  • Thermal, Over-Voltage and Short Protection

  • Available in a Green SOIC-8 (Exposed Pad) Package


Industrial Power Supplies

Telecom and Datacom Systems

General Purpose Wide Input Voltage Regulation

Part Number Status Package Pins Pb-Free Temp Range
SGM61630AXPS8G/TR Production SOIC-8 (Exposed Pad) 8 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples
SGM61630BXPS8G/TR Production SOIC-8 (Exposed Pad) 8 Y -40℃ to +125℃ Samples