Company Overview

SG Micro Corp (SGMICRO) specializes in high performance, high quality analog IC design, marketing and sales, and offers innovative solutions for a broad range of applications in wireless communication, consumer, medical, automotive and industrial markets.

SGMICRO’s close partnership with customers and technology expertise in analog IC are the driving forces for continuous improvements and innovations. Benefited from years of heavy investments in R&D and advanced technologies, SGMICRO has introduced more than 4000 analog IC products with excellent reliability and consistency, including precision signal conditioning products such as amplifiers, buffers, comparators, switches and interface products, as well as the energy efficient power management ICs.

Our innovative analog IC solutions with an extensive portfolio allow our customers to target such diverse and fast growing markets as smart devices, mobile electronics and green energy technologies, and have resulted in improved performance such as longer battery life, less peripheral components, smaller PCB space and lower cost.

Quality and reliability are on top of the priority list at SGMICRO at all times. SGMICRO strives to become one of the world's leading analog IC solution providers by offering our customers with best-quality products and services. It is therefore the policy of SGMICRO to continually improve our technologies and systems in an ongoing effort to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Through the strictest QA system, SGMICRO assures each chip it produced of excellent quality and reliability.

We pursue the leading position in analog IC industry with advanced design, superior performance and excellent quality. We are committed to improve our lives and environment in every possible way through advancements in technology and technical innovations. SGMICRO strives to help our customers develop differentianted products and leading in their chosen markets.